Mr Archie Is Missing!

Getting attention is easy but getting the right attention and respect is something people must learn to develop as they go through life. “Never trade respect for attention,” is one of author Bailey C. Moore’s favorite sayings as he uses personal examples to show readers they can overcome life’s troubles, even at a young age. In his first book, Mr. Archie is Missing, Jerry, the class clown, seeks the wrong type of attention and disrespects everyone, including his favorite teacher. Mr. Archie is Missing is about learning self-respect as well as learning respect for others.

“I want to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs that educates, informs and inspires”

Meet Jerry

Jerry is a young student with alot of insecurities. Throughout the series Jerry struggles with dealing with his parent’s divorce, feelings of not being good enough, and everything else that comes with growing up in today’s world.  Jerry turns to his mentors and friends for life lessons, support, and good old fashionshed laughs!  Bailey based the main character, Jerry, off some of his personal experiences as a student at his former elementary school. 

Mr. Archie Is Missing

In his first book, Mr. Archie is Missing, the character, Jerry, is a class clown, who seeks the wrong type of attention and disrespects everyone around, including his favorite teacher. Mr. Archie is Missing! is about respect. Bailey wrote this book to show when you respect others you will be treated well and will get the right attention. 

Jerry's Gang

Jerry’s Gang is all about supporting one another and shows a positive image of black men in an urban community mentoring a young boy named Jerry who deals with a family issue that we all can relate to.

Bailey C. Moore is from Houston, Texas. Like most young boys, Bailey enjoys spending time with his friends, along with playing football, video games and, of course, reading and writing. At a young age, Bailey’s mother introduced him to books and his grandfather introduced him to writing which began his love for both. Bailey decided he wanted to write a children’s book after watching his mother put up a vision board of her goals for the 2017 year. He aslo decided he wanted to work towards his goals as well. At the top on his list was to become an author. Bailey maintains a straight A grade point average while playing football. Bailey gives thanks to the many influential people in his life who have made his dream come true.

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